No Person is an Island: Mental Health Culture and Social Media

Vanessa Garrity

Lindisfarne is a beautiful area of the Northumberland coast. For anyone not familiar with the area, it is a tidal island which can only be reached by crossing a causeway when the tide has ebbed. This fact of nature made our visit to the area this summer, especially intriguing to my two young children, who were fascinated by the idea that our visit was physically restricted by safe tidal times for crossing.

The island of Lindisfarne is cut off twice daily from the rest of the world by fast flowing tides and I found myself trying to explain to my six year old about the cosmic influences of the sun and moon and how this determines safe crossing times. It was a conversation which involved lifeboats and rescue teams!

Lindisfarne (or Holy Island as it is more commonly known) is steeped in history, as a route of Christian pilgrimage. However…

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